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Greig City Academy, Hornsey, North London

Greig City Academy plan

Greig City Academy, Hornsey

ACT has supplied full design and specification for this new drama space.

The drama space provides:

  • 144 raked retractable seats in assembly hall format or 90 raked retractable seats, facing an end stage, in theatre format.
  • Motorised Overstage Ladder Bars
  • Fixed Side Stage Ladder Bars
  • Scenery Tracks
  • Stage Masking Flats
  • Drapes
  • Audio System
  • Ring Intercom System
  • Equipment Rack
  • Audio Socket Outlets
  • Stage Lighting Dimming Equipment
  • Stage Lighting Control Desk
  • Stage Lighting DMX Data System
  • Stage Lighting Independents.
  • Stage Lighting Dimmer Socket Outlet Boxes
  • House Lighting Dimmers
  • Internally Wired Bars
  • Stage Luminaires

Client: Greig City Academy
Architects: Curl La Tourelle
Employer's Agent: Fletcher King Howard

Specialist sub-contractors:

Theatre Engineering,
audio-visual equipment
and installation: Northern Light
Theatre seats: Auditoria Services