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Kesgrave High School

The School is a Technology College located at Kesgrave near Ipswich in Suffolk.  The Thomas Theatre was opened in 2008 providing, as far as possible, the feel and technical provision of a real theatre space, provided and installed to a modest budget provision. The theatre is also used for conferences and local events.

The stage is dressed simply with ‘wraparound’ black curtaining which masks wing space and a maximum acting area 10.5m wide x 7.5m deep.  This masking, together with the over-stage motorised bars and winch sets, has been supplied and installed by MRL Systems. 

The audio-visual equipment was supplied and installed by AC Lighting Special Projects Division and includes IWBs by Andolite, Zero 88 Leapfrog lighting control and Strand Wallrack dimmers with a selection of Selecon and Robe luminaires.  An Allen and Heath audio mixer has been provided together with Electro-Voice loudspeakers, JVC/Sanyo video projector and a Sennheiser hearing assist installation.

Hussey Seatway provided the 312 seats on retractable tiers.

Kesgrave High School

Architectural services: Suffolk County Council.
Electrical contractor: Lorne Stewart
Audio-visual services: A.C. Special Projects Ltd
Stage Engineering: MRL Systems
Seating: Hussey Seatway