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National Theatre of Qatar, Doha
National Theatre of Qatar - exterior of flytower

Flytower of refurbished National Theatre

National Theatre of Qatar - auditorium

500 seat auditorium

National Theatre of Qatar - foyer


National Theatre of Qatar - scenery suspension
Scenery suspension
ACT has provided the Employer's Requirements for the Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Agriculture, Building Engineering Department, State of Qatar for the refurbishment of the 500-seat auditorium and stage at the National Theatre, Doha, completed in 2004.
The National Theatre was designed by Triad CICO and Theatre Projects Consultants in the mid-1970s and commenced operation in 1981. Little modernisation/refurbishment work has occurred in the building since it opened. The technical refurbishment included:
  • Forestage Elevators
  • Counterweight flying
  • Safety Curtain
  • Smoke Vents
  • Stage Revolve
  • Film Screen
  • Stage Suspensions
  • Stage Drapes
  • Stage Lighting Control System, Dimmers, non-dims and DMX
  • Stage Lighting Socket Outlet Boxes
  • Luminaires.
  • Internally Wired Stage Lighting Bars.
  • Working Lights Control System.
  • Auditorium House Lights and Control
  • Sound Reinforcement and Replay System
  • Stage Communications System
  • Film Projection System and Sound.
  • Simultaneous Translation and Hearing Assist System

Specialist theatre contractor: LSI Projects Limited
Theatre seating: Quinette Gallay