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David Ward Site Specific Installations
Winter Lights 2008

WINTER LIGHTS : “ the isle is full of noises”
an installation with sound and light.

Part of the Winter Lights exhibition programme in Jubilee Park, 28 November 2008 – 27 February 2009, presented by Canary Wharf’s Public Art Office in conjunction with curator Ann Elliott. ACT provided technical design for this installation and co-ordination for this project.

Cromer Prospect

A permanent installation on the Cromer Seafront promenade to celebrate Cromer’s lifeboats. Twenty-four up-lit granite 'standing stones' are positioned in an arc looking out to sea and pointing in the direction of a rescue by a named boat.   These are surrounded by flint pebble walls up-lit with brush strokes of soft, coloured light.  ACT provided the technical interpretation and design of this concept. 

Cromer Prospect was managed by Commissions East on behalf of North Norfolk District Council, with support from the Arts Council England Lottery Fund.

Photography: Shaun Ruffles, Mott MacDonald
Friar Street Reading

FIRMAMENT – Cambridge
Cambridge property development companies Hill Residential and Brookgate commissioned artist David Ward to create a temporary artwork projected onto Foster's Mill, next to Cambridge Railway Station, the first project to be presented as part of the CB1 public art programme for the Ceres Phase.

'Foster's Mill Firmament' drew on the history of the mill and other buildings in Cambridge. Linear drawings are layered with different firmaments of stars over two sides of the mill building relating to the ancient belief that the sky is a celestial sphere enclosed within a dome or vault. The drawings are derived from fan vault ceilings such as those in King's College Chapel in Cambridge.

ACT Consultant Services produced the technical interpretation of artist David’s Ward concept and The Projection Studio supplied the equipment to create the temporary light projection, which was unveiled at the iconic Foster’s Mill on 1 December 2011. Atmospheric layers of light, evoking firmaments of stars, lit the mill nightly until the 23 December 2011.

Foster’s Mill is the central feature of Ceres, the new development by Hill Residential, which is part of Brookgate’s larger regeneration project CB1 in centre of Cambridge.

‘Foster’s Mill Firmament’ was managed and developed by Commissions East.

Photography: Richard Davies

@Bristol analemma

ZENITH,  New World Square, Bristol
@ Bristol is a Landmark Millennium learning and leisure destination, complemented by public open spaces which feature fountains, light features, sculptures, seating areas, shops, cafes and restaurants. 

Light art work ‘Zenith’ follows the shape of an analemma  (an elongated figure of eight based on an ancient method of timekeeping).  52 lights are embedded in the limestone paving representing the zenith of the sun above New World Square over the course of a year.  At night the lights are programmed to produce a number of free-flowing patterns. 

Technical realisation of David Ward’s concept was by ACT.

Photography: Jack Tait